My name is Bruce Bair but my step son called me DurhamDad. I use that as my handle. 
I am a Physician Assistant, graduated from Duke’s PA program in 1978. I have been certified since that year and been in active clinical practice for over 41 years. Before PA school I was an Army medic, 91C. I had 3 years of college and graduated Duke with a BS. No Masters in the old days. Many grads before me only got certificates of completion.
In 2007 I began experimenting with helping people wanting to be PAs get into school. Most people who get in are smart and lucky. A lot of people who would make good PAs don’t get in for many reasons but mainly because they miss 3 huge opportunities to leap frog others simply because they don’t know how.
If you want to get in and you have the grades, then I can help you. No one can get you into PA school if you don’t have good grades, a good GRE and meet the basic experience requirements.Those 3 things are in the video and audio recordings on this site. They aren’t hidden. If you want some one one one help, email me Info at the pa Path dot comI charge $70 an hour. Before you blow me off as too expensive, email me and lets talk. If you have one question, I will make an audio recording and post it to the site, email me the question but be clear so I answer what you want to know. Spend 70 to 140 dollars to have me prep you for the interview, help with not write for you, your essay. OK, go find those three things that give you an advantage.  ( You didn’t think I was going to spoon feed you did you?)